Photo 33: Week Twelve

I had a chance to revisit the backyard oasis I photographed last spring, and I was not surprised to see it was just as beautiful in the fall! I didn't want to have all this week's photos come from a single day, but after a random snowfall the week before, I was too excited to... Continue Reading →

Spring Gardens

Last spring I was hired to take pictures of a backyard garden. The space is gorgeous, and made me realize that I want to totally revamp my own yard. I recently got to see a few of these shots printed, matted, and framed, hanging in the garden owner's house, and it made me want to... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start

After starting Allison and Her Camera in April, life became a roller coaster! Things were going great with photography, and I was able to focus on the business side of it, which was nice... for a spell. Then I felt bogged down by the business and lost my artistic side and creative desire. So I... Continue Reading →

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