Photo 33: Week Eight

This week I took photos on several different days (impressive, considering my workload) and actually narrowed it down to about ten favorites before I decided I wanted to focus on the light play photos. They were fun to shoot, my son got to be a part of it, and while I've never been into abstract... Continue Reading →

Photo 33: Week Five

I've felt very uninspired lately, and I feel like this week's work really shows it. I took a few photos Monday, then skipped/forgot until the weekend. That's been happening too often, and shows me I really need to reevaluate my commitment to this project. I wanted to do it because I wanted to push myself... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start

After starting Allison and Her Camera in April, life became a roller coaster! Things were going great with photography, and I was able to focus on the business side of it, which was nice... for a spell. Then I felt bogged down by the business and lost my artistic side and creative desire. So I... Continue Reading →

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