Photo 33: Week Twelve

I had a chance to revisit the backyard oasis I photographed last spring, and I was not surprised to see it was just as beautiful in the fall! I didn't want to have all this week's photos come from a single day, but after a random snowfall the week before, I was too excited to... Continue Reading →

Photo 33: Week Eleven

Taking stock of my (old) photography equipment this week meant rediscovering my macro attachments and playing around with them. It really helped me get down and look at things in different ways.

Photo 33: Week Ten

This was a hard week, and I feel like my pictures show it. I didn't like any of them, and really wanted to skip the challenge this week. But it's a year-long challenge; it's not up to me to pick and choose when I want to participate. I'm holding myself accountable and that means sharing... Continue Reading →

Photo 33: Week Nine

Honestly, I wanted all five photos to be dripping water photos; I caught some beautiful drips. But I really want to work on the editing side of my creativity, so I narrowed it down to one.

Photo 33: Week Eight

This week I took photos on several different days (impressive, considering my workload) and actually narrowed it down to about ten favorites before I decided I wanted to focus on the light play photos. They were fun to shoot, my son got to be a part of it, and while I've never been into abstract... Continue Reading →

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