Photo 33: Week Fifty-Two

Wow, my last week of the photo challenge. I want to say I came a long way, but I don’t know that I did. I had intentions of making this more of a study, of really working on my craft, of finally finishing those photo courses I signed up for and… it just didn’t happen that way. I am proud that I participated every week, though, instead of letting myself off the hook when I had a week with no inspiration… and I had a lot of those. Mostly, this project made me realize that I really want to take portraits. I have hardly any photos of people in this challenge, and have hardly taken any over the past year, and I don’t like it. I like some landscapes, some object photos, but really my passion is showcasing people. Hopefully my feelings from this past year will push me to get out there and start taking portraits again. If you want to be a model, email me!

Here’s my first week, just in case you’re curious but too lazy to scroll back and see. I used to label and title each photo, and work fairly hard on the featured image, but that went away over time. I’m ok with that – it wasn’t part of the challenge, really, so I don’t think I was skimping on anything.

So, here’s my last week. I wish I went out with a bang, but… I spent most of the weekend outside, busting up bricks in an attempt to beautify my backyard. In the mornings, before the heat turned to thick humidity, it was actually really nice out. Everything is green, growing like we’re in the rainforest, so it was worth capturing.


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