Photo 33: Week Forty-Five

I’ve been wanting to do something new and fun with photography – it seems like I get this way every summer. It’s so hot, it’s easy to feel lazy and stagnant. Two summers ago I got a new instant camera and felt rejuvenated, last summer I got a new SLR camera body, and this year I was thinking of getting a toy camera and sending the film off to be developed, with the goal of learning how to develop my own. I looked into a few fun cameras (I’ve always wanted a Lomo ActionSampler), but couldn’t decide which I might like best. I was looking at Dianas and Holgas when I found a Holga lens adapter for Nikons. I put it in my cart and kept it there for over a week, wondering if that’s really what I wanted to try, or if something else would strike my fancy. It seemed easier to just try a new fun lens instead of learn an entirely new camera, and the lens was half as much as a new camera, so I bit the bullet.

It arrived Friday and I was immediately obsessed! First with figuring out how it works, then with trying different settings for the same picture so I could spot the differences. The Holga lens lets light leak in, naturally vignettes the photos in a delightfully retro way, and has a soft focus. It really makes photos look like they were printed on film decades ago, and I’m digging it.

We had rain most of the weekend, which brought cool breezes, so we played outside in the puddles and I tested out some more settings. I still need to learn the focus and make sure I get exposures exactly right, but it’s been so much fun to play with, and it’s getting me to use manual mode more!


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