Photo 33: Week Forty-Four

Having a day off this week seemed to make all the difference in my creativity. I’ve been writing every day for Camp Nanowrimo, which is definitely pushing my creative limits after being a stagnant writer for so long. But having a day off meant I had more time to take pictures, cook, take pictures of cooking (recipes to come), and stop and look around me. The rainbow on the cabinet, for example, is something I might see in my room every morning, but I rarely notice it, and even more rarely take time to grab my camera and photograph it. The pace of slower mornings agree with me.

It didn’t hurt that the day off was a holiday, which was why I took many pictures (fireworks, and the fireworks “outtakes” below), and was also why I was cooking. So not a typical day off, but one I’m still grateful for. I liked having the time to feel in tune with my creativity again, after several weeks of just phoning it in.


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