Second Show: The Stories, Part One

You can see all my posts about my first public photography show here. Catch up on the second show here.

This panorama shows my exhibit as a whole, but I wanted to talk about a few of the pieces at a time, and explain what they mean to me and why I chose them for this exhibit.


I’m starting with my favorite photos, which I hung on the walls you look at as you walk into the lobby. I typically park in Playhouse’s main lot and walk in through this door, so it made sense to me. I guess some (most?) people might go in through the main doors and leave through this exit? Or never see this area at all? But in my mind it’s pretty well-trafficked, so I feel good about this choice.


These photos are slightly to the left if you walk in the cafe entrance.

The skull photos, “Cataloged” and “Now You See Me”, are from the Crypt at St. Leonard’s Church in Hythe, England. Besides being pretty awesome, if I may say so myself, they mean a lot to me because I visited this church at a time when the crypt was supposed to be closed to visitors. It is typically open from Easter to the end of September, and my friends took me there in mid-October. We lucked out, because graduate students were doing a study of the bones and allowed us to go in and look around. They shared some information about their research and were so friendly and helpful. It’s amazing to me that I might never have had this experience if not for the group being there on the exact day as me! There’s lots of interesting information to be found on the crypt if you’re intrigued, for example this and this.

The photo in the middle, “Land, Sea, Sky”, is from Glacier National Park in Montana. A friend and I were lucky enough to travel together for two summers, and we hit a lot of beautiful National Parks. I originally had about seven photos from this park that I wanted to use in the show, because it’s just that beautiful. I narrowed it down to three, and then finally just wanted to hang this one large picture because I think if you look at it, just this one, and let yourself take it in, you start to feel the peace that I felt in that park. It was an experience unlike any other, for sure.

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