Second Show: Hanging

You can see all my posts about my first public photography show here. Catch up on the second show here.

I hung my photography show last Thursday afternoon. After all the prep, it took me about two hours to hang it all to my liking. I can’t remember how long it took last year, but I’m pretty content with two hours. I knew how I wanted most of them grouped to be a cohesive exhibit that makes sense and tells a story.

I wasn’t blown away when I stood back and took it all in at the end of the afternoon, but that space is basically a greenhouse so I was oh-so-warm, and pretty tired. A friend later asked if I was excited about the show, and it took me a minute to reply. “Not excited,” I said, “but proud.” I was definitely excited about my first show, but this time I just felt proud, and I’m ok with that.


I went back that weekend to let a friend see it, and felt like I was taking it in with new eyes. I was still proud, of course, but I also loved having a chance to tell her about certain photos and why I put them in certain places, grouped with certain pieces, and how I hoped they told a story. We even bounced a few story prompts off of each other, so that was kind of fun.


I hope people who go see it get the same feelings, and I say as much in my show statement. If you live in Memphis and go see the show, please let me know! I’d love to hear your feedback.


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