Second Show: Ready to Hang

You can see all my posts about my first public photography show here. Catch up on the second show here.

Last post I mentioned that Shutterfly was making my print order difficult by reverting to landscape crops every time I tried to edit something. It got worse from there…

My order arrived a few days early, which was a nice surprise, but I was missing twelve prints. Yup, twelve. Out of 13 for that size. I sent an email and they immediately placed an order for all of that size print (at no cost), even though I specified which one I already had, so I can’t complain about the customer service. But I just wonder how it was overlooked that my order didn’t include twelve large prints. They sent one, in one triangle box, and when I finally got all of them, they were in four triangle boxes. Massive difference, you think someone would have noticed…



Overall, that was a minor setback because the new order was delivered yesterday, so I just worked all night to get them framed. Still done in time!

I typed up my show statement and price list, and formatted name plates on card stock. Then I got smart and formatted a set of name plates with my website to print on shipping labels. I stuck them to the back of each frame so I don’t have to worry about taping business cards on the back, like I did last year.

I’m hoping the labels on the back will also make hanging go quickly tomorrow, since I won’t have to stop and think about which title goes with which photo. Wish me luck!

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