Photo 33: Week Thirty-Nine

I’ve been thinking a lot about my photography, my creativity in general, my goals for both, my online presence, and how they all wrap together into one weird entity. I’m hoping I’ll get my thoughts pulled together soon enough to write something somewhat meaningful (or at least coherent) about it all, but for now, I’m feeling a bit stagnant. And, surprise surprise, my work this week reflects that.

On the plus side, I did de-activate my photography Instagram. I was spending a lot of time scrolling mindlessly, liking without thinking about what I was doing, and obsessing with photographs wondering why mine didn’t look that way. I got tired of that mindset, especially because I might not take photos the same way that photographer does; I might not use the same settings or see the scene in the same way. Not to mention that there’s no way to know what’s filtered and photoshopped. It wasn’t a good place for me to be in while I’m still exploring my photography outlet and goals, so I’m stopping the scrolling and sharing on that account. I know a blog is a little like carving “my own” space where I’m only putting my thoughts and photos out there without much community or comparison, but I think it’s going to work for me, for now. While I find myself again in photography and blogging. At least until my Photo 33 project is over.

Huh. I guess I already had more on my mind ready to share about that than I realized.



  1. I agree with you that Instagram can be quite a dark place especially when you fall into that black hole of looking at other people’s pictures, wondering if their life is as amazing as the pictures they post, etc…I’ve thought many times of quitting social media, so far I’ve taken short breaks only from the insanity of sharing everything online.


    • I kind of want to quit… but I love the book blogging aspect I have going on one account, and do it for fun so I don’t care how often I update. For my photography, though, I feel like I *have* to be on it to be seen. But I don’t (and don’t want to) post often enough to be seen in the algorithm or whatever all that is… and I don’t want to understand that! So putting that IG account on hiatus feels good for now. I like blogging here to still share photography, and the A to Z challenge reminded me that I do love blogging… sometimes. I just don’t know what I want to do right now!

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      • I guess when you feel like you “have” to be on it, that’s when you need to question the time spent on social media. Please continue to blog! 😀 Which reminds me that I need to post something about my writing efforts too LOL


      • I will, for now. I do wish I could spend more time on what I actually post, but it’s tough at this time of my life. I’ve loved connecting with you because it reminds me of my old blog, where I really had “friends” that read my stuff and I read theirs, and it felt like you were writing for a reason, instead of just… putting it on the internet and letting it sit.


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