Second Show: Finding Frames

You can see all my posts about my first public photography show here.

Last year was my first photography exhibit, and one of my posts was about finding frames for my work. This year, I lucked out. A friend was cleaning out her house and had tons of gorgeous frames she didn’t want anymore. She let me haul them away, and I got to pick whatever I wanted from the treasure, and donate the rest. In all honesty, I kept most of them – to use for the show, and also to use for my home!


I also took a day to stalk my favorite local thrift shop, and I found tons of great frames. I got dozens of 11×14, 8×10, and a few larger frames for maybe $40 total. Considering the space I have to hang this year, I’ll need some larger frames, so I’ll splurge and buy some large frames from Michaels, most likely. Sometimes the thrift store has large frames, but they’re usually overpriced and it seems hard to get the original artwork out of the frames, which is why I prefer to buy new for this size. I’ve also considered having photos printed on canvas or metal, just to look nice, be unique, and solve the framing issue. I still haven’t decided on that, being as behind as I feel I am, so we’ll see how it pans out.


  1. Second show? Wow! Do you also look for frames in flea markets? Whenever I go to flea markets, somehow, I always forget to look out for frames, I probably missed many good ones 😦


    • I haven’t gone to a flea market! I’ll have to look and see if we have any here. The thrift store is usually pretty good but their prices have gone up – it’s good to go on special sale days.

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