Memphis Coffee Tour Part Two

Our second coffee tour started at City and State on Broad. I was under the impression this was a very hipster establishment, but it was so welcoming!


The first thing I noticed on the menu was… have you guessed yet? Yup, coffee soda. I pointed it out to my friend and we both rolled our eyes and groaned, but I felt compelled to try it. Again. I asked what it was like, and as soon as the barista told me if came in a can from a place in Nashville, I felt safe. She did mention hints of orange, which worried me since I so detested the previous day’s fruity soda, but I felt like I had to go with my gut. I’m nothing if not adventurous.


My friend ordered cold brew, and the drinks were served to us in super cute glasses with metal straws. Even if the coffee soda was terrible, I knew I loved this place for eco-friendliness alone. (Comeback Coffee gave us plastic and paper cups.)


My before shot:


And after:


The barista cheered when I returned my glass and straw; I had told her of my strange-tasting experience at Comeback, and she was confident that this would be the total opposite. She was right, and I’ve daydreamed about waking up early to get a coffee soda to go almost every day since. Or, more likely, daydreamed about getting a coffee soda and getting to work late, because getting up early is tough.

We bought gifts in the quirky shop and were pretty delighted that everyone we encountered there was very friendly. We also went into other shops on Broad before heading over to the Crosstown Concourse for our final coffee tasting.

I’ve had French Truck before, at their shop and buying their bottled cold brew. They’ve never disappointed, which is why I wanted to take her there. Plus, she’s from Louisiana, like French Truck, but had never had their coffee! We both got the New Orleans with yummy crunchy ice.


Part Two verdict: What a great coffee day! Try both of these places and you won’t be disappointed.


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