A to Z Reflections

I kept feeling so proud that I finished the challenge this year, because I remember trying in 2011 and giving up on Q (for Quitting – I was STILL DOING IT even as I quit! Why didn’t I stick with it?!). I tried again in 2015 and thought I remembered giving up at some point, though looking back (my archives are saved online) shows me I finished that year! I also finished last year on two blogs. I need to remember that I only quit one year – and here’s to keeping it up in the following years!

tgiving 013.jpg

In 2011, I didn’t have a theme. My personal blog was just an outlet for whatever was on my mind. It was my first year participating, and I had more fun reading others’ blogs and commenting than writing my own posts. I think I remember having ideas for most of the letters, but what does it matter if I quit?

In 2015, I was writing on the same blog. I didn’t have a theme that year, either, but I had a new baby and apparently more than enough to write about.

In 2018, I wrote about books and writing on my book blog, How I Feel About Books. It was fun, but I didn’t feel up to the challenge this year. My old Allison and Her Camera blog just had a photo a day, using the letter as a prompt.

This year, I had a good time going through old photos and trying to think of words for each letter, either related to zero waste or my photographs. I think it helped me to have a general theme, so that I could always look for certain words, but also it was loose enough where I didn’t feel pigeon-holed and lose interest. I liked being able to write more if I wanted to, or just sharing photos and captions if I wanted to.

I originally wanted to use this blog as a vehicle for my photography business, but I don’t feel as inspired by just sharing photos for the purpose of selling. I like sharing my thoughts along with those photos, so I’m thinking this space will grow to be more of that. I’m glad the challenge helped me realize that.

I also found some great new blogs to follow! I loved meeting new friends, and still have the spreadsheet saved to visit even more blogs in the coming months, because I got a little behind in visiting others this month. I love the networking and sharing the challenge brings to those of us who still blog for the sake of blogging, as opposed to influencing!

6 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections

  1. First of all, congrats on finishing the challenge! It’s always such a great experience and a great feeling.
    I wasn’t able to follow along a lot this year because I was submerged with my own posts, so I suppose the Road Trip will be more about connecting than the actual challenge was 😉

    The challenge is a great way to realise what we love as bloggers. It did the same for me the first time I took part. I suppose that, with the great commitment it requires, it just takes out what we are good at and passionate about, and leaves the reast behind. To me, this is a very good reason to take part.

    Again, congratulations! We’ll see each other around! 😉


  2. You’ve done your reflections post already! That’s quick! I’m taking a break for a few days and then I’ll write mine. Apparently according to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge blog, reflection posts start May 6th onwards, I didn’t know until I checked it out too! Right now, I’m ruminating on mine and will probably write it soon too! We’re A to Z 2019 Survivors! 😀


    1. I’ve gone rogue! I did this just for me, I didn’t really follow a lot of the deadlines this year. I think my theme reveal was posted at the right time by total fluke! If I didn’t reflect now, I’d probably never get back to it.

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  3. A fun side to the A to Z Challenge is finding interesting blogs (like yours!). I didn’t always leave a comment, but I stopped by several times during the challenge.

    I love when artists give insights into what their piece means to them, so I would enjoy reading your thoughts along with the photos.


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