A to Z Reflections

I kept feeling so proud that I finished the challenge this year, because I remember trying in 2011 and giving up on Q (for Quitting – I was STILL DOING IT even as I quit! Why didn’t I stick with it?!). I tried again in 2015 and thought I remembered giving up at some point, though looking back (my archives are saved online) shows me I finished that year! I also finished last year on two blogs. I need to remember that I only quit one year – and here’s to keeping it up in the following years!

tgiving 013.jpg

In 2011, I didn’t have a theme. My personal blog was just an outlet for whatever was on my mind. It was my first year participating, and I had more fun reading others’ blogs and commenting than writing my own posts. I think I remember having ideas for most of the letters, but what does it matter if I quit?

In 2015, I was writing on the same blog. I didn’t have a theme that year, either, but I had a new baby and apparently more than enough to write about.

In 2018, I wrote about books and writing on my book blog, How I Feel About Books. It was fun, but I didn’t feel up to the challenge this year. My old Allison and Her Camera blog just had a photo a day, using the letter as a prompt.

This year, I had a good time going through old photos and trying to think of words for each letter, either related to zero waste or my photographs. I think it helped me to have a general theme, so that I could always look for certain words, but also it was loose enough where I didn’t feel pigeon-holed and lose interest. I liked being able to write more if I wanted to, or just sharing photos and captions if I wanted to.

I originally wanted to use this blog as a vehicle for my photography business, but I don’t feel as inspired by just sharing photos for the purpose of selling. I like sharing my thoughts along with those photos, so I’m thinking this space will grow to be more of that. I’m glad the challenge helped me realize that.

I also found some great new blogs to follow! I loved meeting new friends, and still have the spreadsheet saved to visit even more blogs in the coming months, because I got a little behind in visiting others this month. I love the networking and sharing the challenge brings to those of us who still blog for the sake of blogging, as opposed to influencing!


  1. First of all, congrats on finishing the challenge! It’s always such a great experience and a great feeling.
    I wasn’t able to follow along a lot this year because I was submerged with my own posts, so I suppose the Road Trip will be more about connecting than the actual challenge was 😉

    The challenge is a great way to realise what we love as bloggers. It did the same for me the first time I took part. I suppose that, with the great commitment it requires, it just takes out what we are good at and passionate about, and leaves the reast behind. To me, this is a very good reason to take part.

    Again, congratulations! We’ll see each other around! 😉


  2. You’ve done your reflections post already! That’s quick! I’m taking a break for a few days and then I’ll write mine. Apparently according to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge blog, reflection posts start May 6th onwards, I didn’t know until I checked it out too! Right now, I’m ruminating on mine and will probably write it soon too! We’re A to Z 2019 Survivors! 😀


    • I’ve gone rogue! I did this just for me, I didn’t really follow a lot of the deadlines this year. I think my theme reveal was posted at the right time by total fluke! If I didn’t reflect now, I’d probably never get back to it.

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  3. I totally agree that just sharing stuff for selling isn’t nearly as much fun as having some stories and thought with them. I enjoyed what you shared this year.


  4. A fun side to the A to Z Challenge is finding interesting blogs (like yours!). I didn’t always leave a comment, but I stopped by several times during the challenge.

    I love when artists give insights into what their piece means to them, so I would enjoy reading your thoughts along with the photos.


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