My post on Xeriscapes made me think of my current yardwork routine, which… isn’t much, to be honest. I mow my grass in the evening after work once every week and a half, or two weeks if it hasn’t rained much and I can stretch it a bit. I used to do it every Monday evening like clockwork, but then I had a kid and, though we have daily routines, mowing turned into a “whenever you can” chore. Luckily it’s still slightly cool in the evenings (for now), and my son loves to play outside and run around while I mow. He still loves to get his plastic mower and follow along behind me, or help by mowing the “rocks” (sidewalk and driveway, but maybe he’s rooting for xeriscape, too!). It doesn’t take too long to do once I get going, but sometimes convincing myself to start is the hardest part.


Last year we planted purple onions and a grape plant (I know it’s a grape vine, but mine isn’t really a vine? It came as a plant and we planted it in a huge pot. Hm. I might need to investigate this). The grape plant’s leaves were thriving, but there was no fruit. This year the leaves again are gorgeous, so we’ll keep an eye out for fruit. I think it will take a few years, if this is truly a grape vine and not some strange plant I was sold because I know nothing.

The purple onions might have grown nicely, but I didn’t know when or how to harvest, so they might have been picked by neighborhood cats, or maybe just rotted in the ground.

My son loves to plant things – seeds, flowers, plants, anything. But I think I clearly need to do more research about the requirements, upkeep, and how to harvest and maintain what we grow!

I thought planting season would be over since it’s almost May, but a coworker told me that our strange winter actually pushed back planting time, so now is the perfect time, if you’re not starting from seed. I think we’ll be visiting the garden center soon!

Do you grow anything in your house or yard? Did you research how to care for it, or are you a natural gardener?


  1. First of all, I have to say that I hate mowing the lawn, I try to put it off for as long as I can, which of course is not practical in the climate here. Grass grows so fast! I have a garden, but am not a gardener. I’ve tried to garden but have concluded that I don’t have a green thumb. I have herbs in pots though and that’s it 😀


    • I love your herb garden! I want to try to grow more. I can do the initial research, but I can’t retain the care instructions (beyond water once a week) and sometimes forget to actually do the steps…

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