Xeriscape is a style of yard that eliminates the need for grass (and watering and mowing) and instead features rocks and plants that need little to no water. I thought this landscaping method was mostly used in desert areas, because blogs I’d previously found about it are by people in Arizona and New Mexico. I looked it up for my area, though, and there are landscaping services that help you convert your lawn! Since they know the climate here, they can help me pick plants that will thrive without needing so much water and overall upkeep.

This could all be rocks one day…

“Xeriscaping works with the environment, instead of against it.”

“As it’s a departure from the more traditional garden layout, xeriscaping allows you to truly exercise your creativity in finding interesting plants and rock formations to enhance the natural landscape of your property.”

I love the look of some of the xeriscapes I’ve seen, and I love the idea of being able to plot out my own yard. I know I can do that now with bushes and flowers, but I always plant with good intentions and then get busy and don’t have time for the upkeep.



  1. What a wonderful idea! So many environmental benefits from xeriscaping! Also, your yard would definitely stand out from the other yards on your street. Hope it’ll turn out beautifully!


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