A friend and I stumbled on Glen Echo Park years ago, on a weekend adventure in the Washington, DC area. When we went, it was dead – no one around, no sign of activity, a carousel frozen in place. I looked it up later and found out it’s actually a popular arts center, but it was so isolated the day I found it that it remains that way in my memory. It wasn’t decrepit, but the stillness and silence that surrounded such vibrant structures made it unusual to me.


It has an interesting history of being developed in the late 1800s as an arts and culture community outside of the congestion of DC. When that (quickly) failed, it became an amusement park that ran until the late 1960s. It was adopted by the National Park Service in 1971, and developed into the art center it is today.


Revisiting these pictures (and many more I took) and reading up on the history has my mind churning. Maybe I’ll try to set a story here – but what era shall I pick?


Have you ever visited a place in the off-season and felt somewhat unsettled by it? Writers, has a location every stuck with you for years until you used it in a story?


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