Finding an eco-friendly toothpaste has been over a year-long experiment for me, and I’m still not sold on any solution.

Last Spring I switched from chemical-tasting Crest to Tom’s. It took me a day or two to get used to the drastic taste change, but now it makes me cringe to imagine tasting “regular” toothpaste. My son also made the switch to Tom’s kid toothpaste, and loves it.

I used a few tubes of Tom’s, but was stuck on that – the tube. So I looked into toothpaste that came in different containers. I found Frau Fowler’s tooth powder. It came in brown paper packaging and I was so excited to try it!


Unfortunately, the case itself was plastic, which was a bummer. But the tooth powder was amazing! Every brushing made my teeth feel as clean as they do after a dentist visit! I loved being able to stick my tongue in the container (I know it sounds gross, but it’s hygienic!) and swish powder around in my mouth as a quick “mouthwash” too! I bought the super strong peppermint for myself and the fruit for my son, but he hasn’t tried his yet as he’s finishing up his last tube of Tom’s. I’m not sure how he’ll like using powder compared to paste, but I loved it!

Since Frau Fowler came in plastic (which is still a great size to use for other bathroom supplies, like bobby pins, nose rings, or other small things that might otherwise get lost), I looked for glass containers and found Uncle Harry’s. I wanted to stick with the powder since it made my teeth feel clean, but I accidentally ordered the paste! It’s a bit clay-feeling to me, but is strong and makes my teeth feel good. It’s not as minty as Frau Fowler, so who knows what my breath smells like! I often have to floss right after using, as the clay sticks between some of my teeth – not sure if that’s common, or just a user error (or issue of my teeth being closer together?).

Frau Fowler just recently started offering powder refills in paper packaging, so you don’t have to order a new plastic container each time you need more tooth powder, so I think I’ll be going back to that when I finish all my clay paste. I’ve heard about chewable sticks that work as good (or better?) than toothpaste, but I’m not sure I’m there yet…

Have you tried any toothpaste alternatives?


  1. Nope, I haven’t tried a toothpaste alternative because the commercial ones are priced quite high. I may try to make my own though, if I can find a good recipe and if I can find the ingredients 🙂


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