Years ago I had hair down my back, and it was a pain to wash it every other night, just to have it looking greasy the day in between. I went no poo for a long time, and it really helped my hair stay clean and low maintenance. Once I cut it all off, I had to use shampoo to keep it smooth, and I had to use product in it to keep it compliant. Or at least I felt like I had to.

I tried to grow my hair back out a couple of years ago, and couldn’t stand the weight of it and the upkeep it demanded. So I cut it all off again, but searched for a solution closer to no poo without leaving my short hair sticking up all over the place.


Enter shampoo bars. I was hesitant making the switch, so I got a trial pack from Ethique. They sent several shampoo samples and a couple conditioners. Even that small bit lasted me for a long time, and by then I was hooked! I ordered full size shampoo and conditioner bars and still love them. They’ve lasted me forever! I used to buy liquid shampoo and conditioner every two months, even with short hair, but I’ve only had to buy one each of shampoo and conditioner bars. Talk about simple!

You can see in the photo that I also had a trial of Ethique’s body bars. They’re all really amazing, and I ended up buying a full size deodorant bar and a full size body wash bar. If you’ve ever wanted to try bath bars instead of watered-down products, consider trial sizes to make sure the products work for you, your skin, and your hair!


  1. I do want to try bar shampoos but I still have many bottled shampoos left that were either my own purchase or gifts, so once I finish those, I’ll try bar shampoos. Bar soaps are pretty commonplace here and its getting more and more popular!


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