It’s funny to talk about paper quilling the day after I write about attempting to go paperless… just goes to show how hard it is for me!

I created a quilling lesson for MakerSpace last October, and got hooked. My first work (the large purple flower) was made of self-cut (aka uneven) strips and hot glue. Yes, hot glue all over. What a mess! I bought a beginner kit and have been practicing ever since. I’ve tried to make my own artwork, necklaces, and even a few custom pieces, like Beekle, a children’s book character!


It’s so much fun to practice, and to have a creative hobby that uses my hands. I know photography and writing use hands in certain ways, but quilling is totally hands on, and I love the feel of the tools and paper strips in my hands. I love the freedom and creativity of planning designs and choosing colors, too!

I still haven’t gotten my quilling page together on this site, but you can see some of my work on Instagram @allisontakespictures in the meantime.

Have you heard of quilling before? Do you have a hands-on hobby you’re completely in love with?


  1. I’ve heard of quilling but have not tried it. Don’t know if I have the patience to quill paper and so many of the elements before it becomes a completed piece. Well, right now, I’m crocheting though I’m not really “in-love” with it. I got back into it because I wanted to train myself to just focus on one thing and complete it, as opposed to doing many things at once 🙂 Oh, I’m going to look you up on instagram!


    • I never learned how to crochet. I used to know how to knit, and could probably still do it if I sat down and had some help starting and finishing a piece. My mom crochets amazing things and has tried to teach me, but I just can’t get it! It’s a good idea to learn to focus and finish things – I’m working on that, too!

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