Going paperless is one of the most recommended, first, easiest, etc etc steps for “going green”. But it’s one I’ve had the hardest time embracing.

I love paper. I’ll read ebooks via Kindle if I don’t have a “real” book with me, I’ll write notes on my phone instead of paper (sometimes), and I’ll check my bank balance online instead of getting a paper statement (all the time) but I almost always write my first drafts on paper, by hand. I used to always type because the stories poured out of my mind so quickly, I had to type frantically to keep up. But now I love the feeling of a pen in my hand, lines stretching in front of me, and time to deliberate each sentence.

I have a few contraptions that are supposed to help me go paperless. I have a notepad-sized Boogie Board and a larger (but not full-page) Boogie Board.


The larger Boogie Board uses bluetooth to back up to your phone or computer. The small one is more like an Etch-a-Sketch; the writing goes away when you press the silver button.


They’re super nice, and I keep meaning to carry them with me, at least to work, to save me from writing on scrap paper and then losing those scraps in transition.

I have other ways I’m kind of going paperless, but that will come later, with letter R.


  1. I had to smile when I read about the things you do (or don’t do) regarding going paperless. It could have described me… using Kindle sometimes and digital statements all the time. But then you wrote about your Boogie Board. I’m not sure what that is. Last I knew, a boogie board went in the water.


  2. I too didn’t know something like a boogie board exists! I’m definitely going to look into it 🙂 I like writing letters and sending postcards, so going paperless is not easy for me though I have done away with paper bills and such.


      • I think if you can go 100% paperless in your life, then look for other ways to minimise the carbon footprint of one’s life. I think ultimately, that’s the more meaningful measurement of how eco-friendly we are 🙂


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