No Spend

I’m usually pretty good at watching my spending, but after seeing a lot about “No Spend” months, I decided I’d give it a try.


My first attempt was pretty hilarious, because it was right as I started a new job and realized I needed some decent clothes and other supplies. It was seriously about 4 days in before I ordered a haul from Amazon.

I typically don’t feel bad about spending money because I don’t buy much that I don’t need. No Spend months exclude spending money on groceries, gas, bills, etc. That’s usually what I spend money on, anyway. I might buy a treat at the grocery, but most of my spending is a necessity, or at least practical.

We used to eat out a bit more, before I got settled into a routine with this job and our grocery shopping. There would be a night when I just didn’t have anything for dinner, or a night when I was way too tired to cook anything. Fast food or pizza delivery to the rescue! Now we don’t eat out more than once or twice a month, and it’s usually a “thing”, like going out with friends.

Working close to a Starbucks has made things a bit harder, because some days I just need to get away from work and get some coffee. Coworkers go on coffee runs and ask for my order. It’s easy to spend way too much at Starbucks, and it’s something I need to work on curbing again.

What I noticed most about No Spend months was how carefully I monitored my spending. I would think about what I was about to buy and if I really needed it. I left stuff in my Amazon cart for weeks before “saving it for later” or even deleting it completely.

Have you tried a No Spend month? How did it go for you? What do you notice you spent the most money on?


  1. Most of my months these days are No Spend months which has been quite good for my bank account. Going through my expenditure when I do spend though (aside from groceries, utilities, petrol), I spend quite a bit on drugstore products i.e. shower gels, shampoos, even though I still have them!


    • It’s good you’re noticing that, though! It’s still hard to stop sometimes… says that woman who also tries to make almost every month a No Spend month and has already spent so much on “good” food this week alone!

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  2. There’s something about attempting a No Spend month that makes one scrutinise one’s expenses. I cringe when I think of previous years when I wasn’t as careful. What’s your definition of “good” food? 🙂


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