This week is National Volunteer Week, and I wanted to share all the gratitude I feel for volunteers and volunteer opportunities.

I volunteered a lot as a child, tagging along with my mom and grandmother. As an adult, two volunteer positions have directly led to jobs in the field.

  • I was volunteering at a learning center for adults with disabilities, helping with weekly art classes, when the position for a volunteer coordinator was created. For me! I loved helping the organization develop a volunteer program, and even more that, I loved helping other volunteers come into the organization and find the right placement.
  • When my son was a baby, I volunteered at the local library. Just shelving books, but when a job came open, having that experience on my application helped a lot. I even got to manage the teen volunteers at the branch where I worked.

“If you love volunteers so much, why don’t you write a book about them?”

Why, thank you for asking! I did write a book about volunteers!


My book is a handbook about how to create and maintain a volunteer program. While the specifics, such as job duties, focus on library volunteers, this handbook can truly work for any organization that can benefit from volunteers. And let me tell you, from my experience, almost any organization can benefit from volunteers!

I pulled from my background of creating the volunteer program for a nonprofit to lay the groundwork, so that information applies to any organization. Sample paperwork is even include, which can be copied directly from the book, or tweaked a bit for specific organizations.


I genuinely think this book can benefit many organizations, and can’t wait to see the results when it’s released into the wild May 15, 2019. It’s not a book that I would ask friends and family to buy to show their support, but please consider recommending it to your local library or any nonprofits you know that use or could use volunteers! That’s the best way to help this book make a difference.

Have you volunteered, or do you currently? What do you love most about it?


  1. Congratulations and good luck with your book!
    I’ve done a variety of volunteer jobs over the years, from one-off activities to longer commitments. I think the really important thing is to match people with a volunteer job where they really feel they bring something to it, instead of just treating volunteers as an interchangeable work force. Anybody is more likely to stick with a job when it uses and values their own gifts and talents.
    Black and White: G is for Gnome


    • That’s exactly it! So many people don’t think about that – volunteers AND the organizations utilizing them. They see free labor and give the volunteer any old task, but it’s just as important to match the right person to the right job as you would with a “real” career! That’s addressed a lot in my book because it IS so vital to having a quality volunteer program and keeping good volunteers.


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