Now is my chance to admit that, with all these small steps I’m sharing with you, I still haven’t taken one of the smallest, easiest steps possible…

Changing my light bulbs.


I don’t have an excuse. I went to a community event where my utility company gave away bags of eco-friendly, cost-saving home items, including three light bulbs and many other items I haven’t looked at since the event.

In October.

Of 2016.

I know, I know, it’s terrible! But in my defense, I already had light bulbs, and I haven’t had to replace too many. I’m big on using up what you already have before going all-out being eco-friendly, because otherwise you’re just trashing perfectly good product and creating more waste.

But the fact that I can’t name the other items in the bag after this long is pretty pathetic, huh?

Do you have anything in mind to help make your life a little more green, but you just haven’t done yet?


  1. What a great light-bulb photo! I can relate to not replacing good bulbs until they go out. We bought this house a year ago and I’m slowly replacing the old bulbs as they go out, and replacing them with LED bulbs.


  2. I adopted light saving bulbs a long time ago. So long ago, actually, that I can see how they have advanced from the first time I used them. I remember that at the beginning, they took quite some time before going, and you had to be in a dim light for several minutes before the bulb properly worked.
    Now, light saving bulbs are just like all the other.


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