I go through decluttering phases. I went from a messy childhood bedroom to a super clean, fairly sparse first apartment. After moving around for several years, I finally downsized from a two bedroom house to a garage apartment. Living in such a small space taught me a lot about necessities; I even downsized from five bookcases to two. That was a tough step for a booknerd like me, but it’s stuck with me, and I still only have two bookcases in my home. I mean, two bookcases for me. Don’t ask me how many children’s books we own…

I still have a lot of things I could get rid of, especially with my wardrobe. I basically wear the same handful of clothes every week, but it’s nice to know I could dress up, if the occasion called for it, without having to go shopping.

Over Spring Break, I did some hardcore spring cleaning. There was a lot in the attic that I’d been wanting to get rid of for a long time, but haven’t had a chance to take to a donation center.


This is it. Wow. Just looking at it makes me feel so gross. It makes such a difference to have that stuff out of my house and off of my mind!

Do you periodically declutter your house? What do you find you most get rid of? (Mine is definitely kids’ toys!)


  1. The last 3 moves have been a downsize from each prior home, and since my latest move was a year ago, I don’t have much clutter… with the exception of paper!! I have slowly been shifting over to digital copies, but I still have old files that need sorted. It takes so long and it’s too easy to tell myself (with each move), “Just throw it in a box and go through it later…”


    • I’m trying to digitize everything, too. I still love grabbing a scrap of paper and scribbling a note compared to typing it into my phone, though, so it’s a slow process!


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