Bamboo Utensils

I bought these bamboo utensils from pataBee (not an affiliate link; click away!) because I bought their beeswax wraps and was offered a coupon for the utensils. I had been carrying around a set of my own silverware – I hate the idea that going zero waste means you have to buy all-natural stuff, glass jars, etc. You can easily help the environment by using what you already have – especially using it all up instead of throwing out what you have to buy organic new versions!


These come in a canvas carrying pouch that can clip onto your bag or strap, but it tucks away in my purse just fine.


I use the straws a lot – it comes with three, plus a cleaning brush! I use the utensils pretty often at work, when I’m too lazy to go get “real” silverware out of the kitchen!


I’ve had them for six months or so, and I love them. I get asked about the straws fairly often if I use them in restaurants, and I always love getting a chance to explain what they are and how they’re made, even if it might not make the person change in the long run – at least they’re listening!

Do you, or would you, carry your own utensils?


  1. I brought spare cutlery into work, enough for me and all my co-workers.
    I have not yet convinced them it’s better to wash a fork than kill a dolphin.
    But I *have* stopped them from throwing away recyclable items while in my room. I consider that a step in the right direction…


    • Definitely a good step! This is the first job I’ve had where there is a full set of silverware in the break room, and coffee mugs for everyone. Before it was a “bring your own” environment, and coworkers usually had a stock of plastic-wrapped plastic utensils in their desk drawers to use for lunch.


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