Photo 33: Week Twenty-One

After twenty weeks of narrowing down my weekly photos to my favorite five, I’ve decided to mix up Photo 33 to be more of a challenge. I’m going to try and do themes most weeks, for awhile anyway. It will be fun to push myself to find interesting subjects and to work on my composition and lighting. Instead of just picking my five favorites from a wide assortment, I’ll have to pick the five best from a more even playing field.

Some of the top five photos I’ve been sharing haven’t necessarily been the best pictures, but they’ve been the most appealing of what was available. A photo with a more interesting subject has beat out a photo that had better composition. It was more arbitrary, whereas now there will be more structure. My original goal was to hone my editing eye, but now I really want to work on the photos themselves.

I used to be in a few photo challenge communities on LiveJournal back in the day (oh yes, LiveJournal), so I’m eager to get some of that spirit back, even if it’s just a competition with myself.

All of that to say, this week’s theme is: coffee beans!


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