Photo 33: Week Five


I’ve felt very uninspired lately, and I feel like this week’s work really shows it. I took a few photos Monday, then skipped/forgot until the weekend. That’s been happening too often, and shows me I really need to reevaluate my commitment to this project. I wanted to do it because I wanted to push myself to take more photos and edit them with a critical eye, but I don’t just want to try to have five photos to share. I want to really have to push myself to pick my best.

I’ve been letting myself get too overwhelmed with what I have on my plate, which I know is natural. Life ebbs and flows and right now the waves are crashing around my shoulders and neck. Next month, or the month after, might not feel the same. So I need to relax the pressure I’m putting on myself, while still holding my work to a high quality. It’s a delicate balance, as anyone balancing creativity with life, or even life with life, knows. But I feel the inspiration that the change of seasons always brings in me, and I have some ideas simmering that I feel like will launch into full-blown photography projects – something I haven’t dedicated myself to since… well, since I was much younger.

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