A Fresh Start

After starting Allison and Her Camera in April, life became a roller coaster! Things were going great with photography, and I was able to focus on the business side of it, which was nice… for a spell. Then I felt bogged down by the business and lost my artistic side and creative desire. So I took a step back from business, but to do that, I had to find something else to pay the bills. My job is amazing but has a huge learning curve, along with trying to get used to a new routine – for me and my son! Photography has, sadly, taken a backseat to daily life.

Getting a fresh start on my birthday seemed like the perfect thing to do: a new photo challenge! I’m going to share five of my best new photos each week, pick my one favorite, and explain what I like about it. I think there is enough structure that I will hold myself accountable, but by not having themes or a strict deadline, I can let my creativity loose.

With the goal of having five sharable photos a week, I know I will be taking a lot more than that, and of different subjects and locations, so I feel like that’s a smart number for me to aim for. Sometimes I have a hard time editing down my work, so limiting it to five will also be a good thing in that regard. Picking one favorite will also be somewhat difficult for me, but I think having to explain why I like it will make me think critically about my work.

While I’m not necessarily treating it as a class, more of a loose challenge or project, I’m hoping that my photography will continue to grow as I look at it so critically. I haven’t really posted photography online since the heyday of LiveJournal, when I coded my own portfolio site from scratch. I had the time and the passion then, and while my thinking now is more “I ain’t got time for that!”, I do want to take some time on the craft itself and the critical editing before uploading mass amounts to a Flickr album. Basically, I want to get my mindset from that time period back, even while the final outcome of the photos might be slightly different.

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