One of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals is to try a new recipe every month.

June 2018: Banana Bread (awful and dense)

July 2018: Different Banana Bread recipe (a little better, but lacking flavor)

August 2018: Mac and Cheese Muffins (a new favorite)

September 2018: Pumpkin Bread (delish) and with chocolate chips (even better!)

October 2018: Pho (lacking… something)

November 2018: Hamburger cups (YUM, I LOVE THESE! Apparently anything in a muffin tin does it for me.)

December 2018: Hash Brown Muffins (uh-mazing for potluck brunch!)

January 2019: Slutty Brownie Cupcakes (I had made them before in a large pan, which I think might be the best way to make them…)

February 2019: Pot Roast

March 2019: Cucumber Dill Salad

April 2019: I think I was too swamped to cook this month. Sad.

May 2019: Garlic roasted potatoes and lemon garlic chicken. AMAZING. I made it twice in the span of one week.

June 2019: Sheet cake and cupcakes with a jazzed up box recipe. Not too bad, but not as moist and luscious as the recipe implied it would turn out.

July 2019: Queso Sweet Peppers. Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs. Cherry Tomato Caprese Salad.

August 2019: Butter “Chicken” Tofu with rice


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