First Show: Takedown

I was all set to take down my photographs on April 17th; I had coordinated with the event manager and everything. The night I made plans to take down my work, I got an email from the Playhouse manager asking if I’d like to keep my work up until May 20th! Another month of exposure for free?! 

I took my work down yesterday afternoon; it was much quicker to take down than to put up! I didn’t have to worry about how the images flowed and told their stories. In fact, I didn’t have as much to take down – I sold five pieces during my show’s run!

This show fulfilled a goal that has been on my bucket list since I was an amateur photographer 12 years ago. I always dreamed of having some of my photography hanging in a gallery – and now I’ve hosted my own show! You can read the whole story, from concept to take down, by following the First Show tag on the blog.


I cannot express my gratitude to Playhouse on the Square enough. They are so supportive of local artists and give so much to the artists that help them out. It’s a great community, and if you’re creative, you should get involved with them! I am already looking forward to my next chance at hosting a gallery there.

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