Daffodils at Dixon

On March 24-25, 2018, the Dixon Gallery & Gardens and the Mid-South Daffodil Society hosted the 8th Annual Daffodil Show. 

Daffodils used to grow like crazy in my grandparents’ backyard, so I have tons of photos from the years I really started to develop as a photographer. Since then, I have snapped pictures of almost every daffodil I’ve ever seen. They’re my favorite flower because they’re so bright and happy, and make me think of my grandparents.

Because of this, I had a ton of photos to go through when it was announced that the Daffodil Show would have a photography contest this year. I finally culled it down to 4, and entered two each in the categories of Portrait and Abstract.

I submitted my work Friday afternoon, and it was on display with the real daffodils during the show on Saturday and Sunday. I went to go pick up my work at the end of the show on Sunday afternoon and was thrilled to see I had won awards!


My Abstracts won Honorable Mention and Third Place. My Portraits won Second Place and First Place. I’m so excited to have placed in my first photography contest! Thank you, Dixon, for hosting this beautiful event!

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