First Show: The Main Event


After all of my planning and promoting, the night of the event arrived! There was a hitch getting into the space, but once I was in, set up was easy because I brought lemonade and cups, napkins, cookies, cheese cubes, and pretzel sticks (to stab the cheese cubes). Didn’t break the bank, but created a nice spread. I think it helped people walk around and check out the work since they had snacks and drinks to hold or come get. Before the event, some people said they didn’t think I needed to have food and snacks, but in my mind an art event is a wine and cheese event. So since my show was family-friendly, it was a lemonade and cheese event!


So many friends and family came out to support me, and it was… inspiring. And awesome. And I felt so loved and so supported. I asked every guest to show me their favorite photograph, and we took a selfie in front of it. Just for fun, just to remember who was there and what they liked. The full gallery is on Facebook.


When seating for the play started, I offered remaining snacks to the families that were coming in, and introduced myself. It was a scramble to clean up and get to our seats, but some of the people who just came for the play took time to check out my work, and that felt great too. To see artwork being appreciated instead of just overlooked as people walk by is really wonderful. You can see more photos from the event on Facebook.

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