First Show: Promotion

I coordinated a date and time for a reception with the Playhouse event staff, and then started promoting it. It felt weird, because… I’m not really the type to toot my own horn. I know that might be counter-intuitive to running a photography business, and it’s definitely something I need to work on, but this was a huge step for me.

To give you an idea… Inviting people via Facebook made me nervous. And my friends list is small, and filled with people I actually know. People who like me for some reason, and I was still scared to ask them to come support me for an hour or two one Friday night. I definitely needed a confidence boost… (Spoiler alert: That came later!)

I did invite people, though, and people spread the word, and some more connected in the community than I recommended some places to promote the event. 

I submitted it as a calendar event to Choose 901, I Love Memphis Blog, and the Memphis Flyer. In addition to showing up on all of these sites’ online calendars, the Memphis Flyer even printed it in that week’s paper! It was just a little listing, of course, but you know what? When I saw an unfamiliar face in the crowd during my reception, I went over to introduce myself to him. Turns out, he had seen it in the paper! So thank you, Memphis Flyer, for being amazing and helping local artists spread the word.


I also promoted it on my social media. I had to make a Facebook event to include with the online calendar listings so people could see the details, so there was that, Facebook posts made by my photography page and shared by sweet friends, Instagram posts, tweets, and plain ol’ word of mouth. I mentioned it at Playhouse’s Artist Appreciation event the Tuesday before, and another person attended based on that.

I also used the test prints I had made to lay out the show in my first step as promotion. I had them laying around and didn’t want to just recycle them… Notes were scribbled on the back, but the photos still looked nice. So I mounted them on cardstock, put my event info on the front, wrote up some contest guidelines for the back, and scattered them around Playhouse. I noticed several were gone not long after I put them out, but we’ll have to wait until April 1st to see how many people found them and decided to play along with the contest!

Clockwise from top left:

  • Spray mounting photos to cardstock and writing ALL over them
  • Displaying some flyers in front of the relevant poster in the Playhouse hallway
  • More flyers and cards in front of the poster
  • Flyers in the brochure holder in the hallway. Some of these were gone when I left that night!

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