First Show: Hanging


Would it have been more professional to use boxes? Probably, but I took my canvas bags (cue  Tim Minchin).

I hung all the photos for my show on March 2nd. Some people were working in the theater, but I had the lobby all to myself. Well, I had a helper… My son loved the chains and hooks I was using to hang, so he helped sort them out for me. I used longer chains to “stack” multiple photos, and shorter chains when I wanted to feature just one photograph.


At first I was worried that I didn’t have enough photos for the space. But as I hung everything up, I thought it looked just right. Not too crowded, room to walk around and look and not bump into others, just eye-catching enough without being overwhelming.

Hanging stuff might be my favorite part of this whole show. I loved putting something up, stepping back, adding another piece below it, making sure it told the story I wanted, making sure the pieces worked together. Overall, I was very proud of how it all looked once I had it up. I think it is a cohesive show, and I think it will go very well with Circuit Playhouse’s production of James and the Giant Peach!

Clockwise from top left:

  • Titling and pricing the pieces was actually a lot of fun; there was room to get creative with the typography!
  • Using the grand piano as a workstation to lay out all my tags, putty, and chains.
  • I had to include a photo on my bio/artist statement! My son “helped” write it.
  • Leaving some cards on the table to try and catch some eyes!

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